Shopping Tips

“Budtenders” is the common term to refer to patient-facing Collective employees, also known as member consultants. They are often a patient’s best resource for determining which strain and products to try for their condition. Budtenders are known to spend anywhere from five to fifteen minutes with a single patient giving them the attention and support they need to make an informed decision.

If you are purchasing edible products, ask about those with consistent THC distribution and dosing. Inspect the package to make sure it has detailed usage instructions, nutritional information and dosage contained in the package. If purchasing an extract, find out if it has passed residual solvent testing.

When choosing cannabis flower, make sure to inspect the product in two ways. First, see if the buds look fresh with abundant trichomes, which will look like tiny crystals. Avoid dried-out, brown cannabis- which won’t have the potency, flavor, or effects that more recently- harvested cannabis will. Also be sure to let your Budtender know how important clean cannabis flower/ oil is to you (cannabis that tests negatively for chemicals, pesticides, and mold).