Intro to Cannabis

Learn all about the history, biology and spiritual uses of this ancient plant in the 'Intro to Cannabis' section.

New Users Guide

The 'New Users Guide' covers everything from Buying Medical vs. Recreational Cannabis, Talking to Your Doctor, Finding A Dispensary, and Getting a Budtenders Help.

Choosing Your Medicine

'Choosing Your Medicine' includes information about the different Methods of Consumption (smoking, vaping, edibles, transdermal patches, tinctures, topicals, RSO Oil, and dabbing) and has a nifty flowchart to help you find the best mode for your intentions. This section also covers Edibles 101, and Shopping Tips.

Safe Use Guidelines


Finally, learn more about the California Cannabis Industry Association , and find resources that helped make this site possible.

Website Translation

This website is available in Spanish and other languages. Please download the Google Chrome browser and click Translate at the top. 

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