Factors Affecting Experience

Because of the genetic diversity in both cannabis and human beings, the effects of the plant are incredibly individualized. Some of the factors that affect one’s tolerance to cannabis include a person’s height, weight, frequency of use, and last time they ate. Some first time users experience no effects whatsoever due to a lack of cannabinoid receptors (which will increase with usage), while others feel overwhelmed no matter how small the dose.

Another factor that plays a part in the experience is the ‘set’ and ‘setting’ outlined by psychedelic researchers in the 1960s. The setting refers to the environment- which includes not only a person’s actual location but also the relative safety, comfort, and even legality of where one is consuming. A person’s mindset includes their expectations about the experience and beliefs about the drug itself. Don’t underestimate the importance of setting an intention for your experience before you consume cannabis. Are you looking for pain relief? Are you trying to calm your mind and relax after a stressful day? Having clarity about why you are using the plant will help you harness it as a productive tool and help you avoid turning to it unconsciously.